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Violet Ext. 5347

Regular Pricing: $1.29 per minute.

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Indulge in enchanting conversations with Violet

Introducing Violet, your premier destination for an unforgettable and tantalizing phone chat experience. With a voice that drips with sensuality. I am an expert in the art of seduction, effortlessly weaving fantasies and desires into a symphony of pleasure.
Behind the sultry tones lies a charismatic and confident conversationalist, skilled in the subtle dance of teasing and pleasing. Violet possesses an innate ability to make every caller feel special, creating a comfortable space where desires can be freely expressed.

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First Time Callers: 5 Free Minutes then the cost is $0.60 per minute.
Regular Pricing: $50.00 flat rate for 60 minutes then the cost is $2.89 per minute.

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